CBD drops – why they are useful for animals

Effects of CBD drops

All vertebrates have an endocannabinoid system that takes care of the proper functioning of the body. The body produces cannabinoids, but sometimes the balance is upset and then an additional intake of cannabinoids is desirable. A number of studies on the effects of CBD on well-being have already been performed in humans. The results are astounding. CBD drops relieve inflammation, pain, have a positive effect on the digestive tract and help with a variety of chronic diseases. They have shown excellent results in relieving mental problems such as preventing and relieving depression and anxiety.

Many pet owners have wondered why CBD drops wouldn’t help my pet as well? Thus research on dogs and other animals began. There aren’t many yet, but research conducted in 2019 showed that adding CBD drops for pets to the diet of dogs with epileptic seizures reduces the amount of seizures. A second study conducted in 2018 showed how beneficial CBD is for animals with osteoarthritis. In this study, dogs were given 2mg or 8mg of CBD per kilogram of body weight. Eighty percent of the dogs in the study showed progress in mobility and no longer had severe pain.

Owners of older animals have also noticed a significant improvement in animal mobility and a reduction in pain after receiving CBD drops. Therefore, we warmly recommend owners of older animals to add drops of CBD for pets to their pet’s diet, thus making the pets ageing more pleasant.

In addition to a beneficial effect on the physical condition of animals, CBD drops for animals also affect the mental state, as they reduce stress levels. So we recommend taking the drops 20 minutes before traveling if it is stressful for your pet, or when you expect more noise (like firecrackers).

At Erbetix we have prepared CBD drops for pets also with the taste of Carniolan sausage in order to make them more tasteful for pets.

How to dose drops for animals?

As there are no accurate studies on the recommended amount of CBD drops for various diseases, we recommend that you start with smaller doses and observe the impact on your pet. Gradually increase the amount of drops to the desired effect, but do not exceed the recommended daily dose. 

The recommended daily dose is 1 mg CBD per kg of animal weight. So if your animal weighs 4 kg, the recommended daily dose is 4 mg of CBD. It is not necessary to give the daily dose at once, it can be divided into the morning and evening intake. Since animals cannot tell us what is best for them, we need to closely monitor their behavior and well-being, and thus determine the optimal regimen of administration of this dietary supplement.

CBD for pets

Are CBD drops safe for animals?

There is no THC in CBD drops made for animals, which, given the low weight of pets, could cause “getting high” in animals. So you can use them safely. However, we recommend a lower dose and attention when taking it for the first time, to see, if your pet is not hypersensitive to CBD.

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