Get rid of skin blemishes with the help of pumpkin seed serum!

People know pumpkins and pumpkin seeds mainly as an excellent food with which master chefs conjure up real gourmet pleasures. Pumpkin seed oil is also very well known, which perfectly enriches our salads, soups and other dishes. For gourmets, I recommend it as a topping on vanilla ice cream – to lick your fingers!

Men are advised to eat pumpkin seeds for prostate health. It is also recommended to eat pumpkin seeds, as they have a beneficial effect on our health.

However, very few people are aware of the unique power of pumpkin seed serum for our skin. Like grape seed serum or raspberry seed serum, pumpkin seed serum is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 unsaturated fatty acids. These stimulate the formation of collagen and nourish and moisturize our skin. Because it contains antioxidants, pumpkin seed serum ensures that the appearance of our skin remains youthful. The high content of vitamin E is excellent in the fight against acne. In addition to all these positive properties, Pumpkin Seed Oil Serum reduces brown spots on the skin. We recommend daily application of Pumpkin Seed Oil Serum on clean skin. It is best to drop 1-3 drops on the palm and warm the serum between the palms and spread on the palms. Apply the serum to the face with a light tapping. Rub what is left on your palms on your neck and hands. You will notice a difference after just a few weeks of use.

Because pumpkin seed serum is very nutritious and affects cell regeneration and growth, you can also add it to your hair conditioner. Rubbing it into the scalp will prevent hair loss and accelerate their growth. At Erbetix, we produce serum from pumpkin seeds exclusively from the seeds of local pumpkin growers. We strive to ensure that the quality of raw materials is at the highest level on the market and thus guarantee our customers a quality organic product of Slovenian origin.

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