Plant seeds have in their core everything they need to start a new life. Obtaining these essential ingredients in their original form is a particular challenge for any manufacturer, as they are easily damaged, altered or even destroyed during the process. The most common reasons for poor product quality are excessive temperatures, oxidation and mechanical damage. This results in a lower content of essential fatty acids or even a presence of unwanted saturated fatty acids from which new life cannot germinate.
In our products, we successfully preserve what nature already protects in the seed core. For this purpose, in ERBETIX we rely on technology that enables the production of oil serums of the highest quality. ERBETIX oil serum is actually a serum and not just an oil. The difference is noticed from the first contact with the skin, which proves the quality gap between ERBETIX products and similar products from other manufacturers in practice. It often happens that ordinary cold-pressed oils are sold as serums.
The production of the highest quality serums requires not only appropriate technology, but also a flawless raw material (plant material). In these regards we do not make any compromises in ERBETIX. Only “live”, germinating seeds are selected, which are also properly harvested, dried, stored and of appropriate age. Only in this way can a rich content of essential ingredients be ensured. The right choice of seeds is proven by careful testing, which ensures a plant base of impeccable quality, such are also the final products – ERBETIX oil serums.