Why is grape seed serum good for your skin

Some facts about grapes

Long ago, people discovered the nutritional value of grapes. In antiquity, they began to squeeze oil from grape seeds and use it for medicinal purposes. Other European healers have also used grapes and vine leaves to treat skin and eye diseases and to treat various inflammations.

All this is not surprising, as grape seeds contain vitamins E, C and A and omega 6 and omega 9 unsaturated fatty acids and a range of minerals.

The use of grape seeds is very wide. Studies show that they lower cholesterol, high blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, asthma and have other benefits. The grape seed serum, however, is great for our skin. As it is an exceptional antioxidant, it provides fast renewal and a youthful appearance of the skin. The exceptional nourishment of the serum ensures that our skin is healthy and toned. The serum is recommended especially for facial care.

What are the benefits of grape seed serum to your skin?

Grape seed serum can be used by everyone, as it moisturizes the skin and at the same time does not grease it. So it is great for dry skin as it has an exceptional moisturizing effect. The skin becomes softer and more elastic. As it restores the skin’s elasticity, any wrinkles are smoothed.

We especially recommend it to people who have acne problems. Its antimicrobial effect actively affects the microbes that cause acne. In addition, it narrows the pores, which prevents the entry of impurities.

The serum does not oily the skin, but nourishes it, so you can also use it for those with oily skin.

If your pregnancy or weather has left spots on your skin, grape seed serum can help. It needs to be applied for a longer time and the skin color will be more even. It can also smooth out minor scars.

As it protects against the negative effects of the sun’s rays, we recommend that you add a few drops to your morning cream. Even in the evening, we recommend applying grape seed serum to the face to do its job overnight.

Izvleček grozdnih pešk ekstrakt OPC kapljice

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