CBD SPORT – Suitable for anyone who can’t afford traces of THC in their blood

Cannabis contains a lot of substances that are beneficial to the human body. Unfortunately, most of them are on the anti-doping list and thus banned for top athletes. There is one exception CBD. This compound has been approved for use by professional athletes since 2018. It is not psychoactive and does not cause the effects prohibited by anti-doping legislation.

Athletes can use CBD SPORT drops to relieve pain. And pain is an integral part of top sports either because of the extremely intense training, or because of the falls and injuries that top athletes suffer in the quest to win. An increasing number of sports magazines, therefore recommend CBD to athletes. Especially for cyclists, skateboarders, surfers, skiers and other athletes, who often suffer various blows and abrasions due to the nature of their sport. Also in martial arts the property of CBD to relieve pain is gaining in popularity. Unlike ibuprofen or opiates, it does not cause side effects or addiction .

Pain relief, however, is not the only benefit of CBD drops. Indoor athletes use CBD drops mainly for their antibacterial effect and to strengthen the immune system, as they are exposed to higher concentrations of bacteria and viruses indoors. CBD SPORT drops can also be used by soldiers, firefighters and police officers who participate in joint exercises indoors, as they do not contain any psychoactive substances in addition to the antibacterial effect.

The anti-inflammatory effect is another positive feature of CBD, which is why it is recommended as a dietary supplement for all athletes and for all people working in occupations that require high physical fitness (soldiers, firefighters, police officers ). In addition, it has a beneficial effect on stress and prevents depression and anxiety, which, as we have seen recently, are very present among top athletes.

Last but not least, CBD has a beneficial effect on sleep and thus helps to regenerate the body.

In order to enable the use of the positive effects of CBD, we prepared CBD SPORT drops in Erbetix, which do not contain THC and cannabinoids other than CBD and are thus compliant with anti-doping legislation. Buy them here

Author: T.J.




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