Wie können wir unseren Haustieren bei den Festtagen helfen?

People are already looking forward to the upcoming holidays and love to have fun. Firecrackers are also part of the fun for some, and almost all of us love fireworks. All this cracking is annoying for people with good hearing, imagine how this noise is experienced by pets that hear up to four times better than humans!

Fortunately, the time that firecrackers are aloud has been regulated and is limited to a few days a year. Likewise, the use of firecrackers and pyrotechnics is slightly losing in popularity. This is probably due to the campaigns by which animal lovers warn people of the negative consequences of doing so. However, until people come to their senses and stop using firecrackers, we must make sure that our four-legged friend will spend this holiday season as peacefully as possible.

Here are some tips on how to behave:

  1. Stay calm

When firecrackers explode, it is very important to stay calm. Which is probably easier said than done, because I’m also very scared of loud bangs. So, like I said, try to stay calm. Even if your dog gets scared don’t look at it, but pretend it was nothing special. In this way, the dog will learn that bangs are something normal at this time and that he does not need to be afraid of them. Even if you would like to comfort and pet your pet in such moments when he is scared, don’t do that. That way, you’d just show him that it’s okay to be afraid of loud bangs, I believe you don’t want to achieve that.

  1. Use your favorite toy or treat

When it bursts and the dog gets scared, use your best playing skills and distract him with your favorite toy, or by performing tricks, or by giving them treats. Let the dog associate the bang as a prediction of something good and pleasant.

  1. Prepare him a safe shelter

It is right that your furry friend has a safe shelter ready, where he can take refuge if he is afraid. It is important to leave him alone in such moments. We also make sure to minimize street noise if possible. If the dog is in the apartment, we close the windows and doors and lower the blinds, as some dogs get upset because of the light effect.

  1. Avoid places where you expect more firecrackers

Do not rush your dog for a walk at a time when you expect more firecrackers to crack and to places where firecrackers are more common. Rather, choose a time and place where you are less likely to encounter firecrackers. Also, do not leave the dog off the leash during this time, as cracking can surprise you even in places where you would not expect it.

  1. If your four-legged friend, despite all your efforts, is still scared, we have a natural solution that will calm him down.

Natural CBD drops for animals do not contain THC and relieve stress. At Erbetix, we made CBD drops for animals with the taste of Carniolan sausage, which dogs absolutely adore. Add the right amount of drops (read more here: CBD drops – why they are useful for animals) to your pet’s food and CBD will alleviate the stress caused to the animals when firecrackers crack. In addition to the calming effect of CBD, the drops provide a balanced metabolism and improve the immune system of your four-legged friend.

I hope our tips will help you and your pet spend the wonderful New Year holidays!


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